Euro exchange prices :

(ZAR)South African rand11.8430
(THB)Thai baht37.939
(SGD)Singapore dollar1.6045
(PHP)Philippine peso53.319
(NZD)New Zealand dollar1.5408
(MYR)Malaysian ringgit3.9616
(KRW)South Korean won1466.25
(IDR)Indonesian rupiah12615.11
(HKD)Hong Kong dollar10.0517
(CNY)Chinese yuan renminbi8.0272
(CAD)Canadian dollar1.3134
(AUD)Australian dollar1.2425
(TRY)New Turkish lira2.3294
(RUB)Russian rouble40.8580
(HRK)Croatian kuna7.6100
(NOK)Norwegian krone7.4475
(CHF)Swiss franc1.2158
(SEK)Swedish krona8.3984
(RON)New Romanian leu4.4215
(PLN)Polish zloty4.1738
(LVL)Latvian lats0.7012
(LTL)Lithuanian litas3.4528
(HUF)Hungarian forint301.13
(GBP)Pound sterling0.84910
(DKK)Danish krone7.4547
(CZK)Czech koruna25.763
(BGN)Bulgarian lev1.9558
(JPY)Japanese yen124.49
(USD)US dollar1.2944
please note - these prices are not up to date and should only be used as a guide

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